The Choregic Monument

Situated to the north of the Dionysos Theatre, on the rock of the Acropolis, you will see two large Corinthian columns. These two mighty columns are all that remain of the “Choregic Monument of Thrasyllos”.

Monuments of Thrasyllos

This monument was erected in 320 BC by Thrasyllos, who was in fact the benefactor of the Dionysos performances. After the victory of his son, Thrasyklis, the monument was modified in 297 BC. On the rocks in the area of this monument, were inscriptions that led many to believe that there were also other monuments situated here, though there has been no found trace of them.

Just below the monument is a cave that was originally sacred to the Goddess Artemis. During the Byzantine era, this cave was converted into a church, known as “Panagia Spiliotissa” (Virgin Mary of the Cave). It was here that mothers would bring their sick infants, in the hope that they could be cured.