Best Places to Stay in Limnos

Below you will find details about hotels and accommodation that are located on the popular and picturesque island Lesvos, which is part of the chain of islands known as the North East Aegean Islands.

Limnos, or Lemnos as it is known, is a stunning Greek island tucked away in the northern Aegean Sea. It's one of the lesser visited gems of Greece and the perfect destination for those looking to escape into authentic culture and true relaxation. The beaches on Limnos are absolutely breathtaking. From secluded coves to stretches of perfect sand, wherever you go there will be something special waiting for you. Popular beach spots include Plati Beach, Myrina Beach and Keros Beach, which is renowned for its windsurfing conditions.

As well as its amazing scenery, Limnos also offers charming villages that need seeing to be appreciated. Myrina is its capital city and it's here where you can find a scenic harbor, Venetian castle and streets full of shops and restaurants. Other villages such as Moudros with its traditional fishing roots or Kontopouli with its impressive architecture and lively town square are not to be missed either!

In short, Limnos has it all. Whether you’re searching for beautiful beaches or a chance to connect with local life - this hidden gem is sure to have something special to offer everyone who visits!

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