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The History of Greece

The history of Greece is a very complex and interesting one filled with both facts and fiction, which takes place in the form of Mythology.

History of Greece

Through a journey of 8000 years, events have taken place with have shaped the Western World in which we live in today and formed the basis of many aspects of our lives such as democracy, medicine and freedom.

Greek history is an epic story of the territory of Greece and the Greek people in the parts of the world that they ruled. From the earliest history dating back to the stone and cooper-stone ages, through to the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaen civilizations, the history of Greece is one of power and wars, democracy and medicine, and the foundations for the western world as we know it today.

Our history section is not yet complete, and we will adding to the various periods of Greek history in the very near future. The following is a brief overview of the main historical periods of Greece up to the end of the Peloponnesian Wars.

Discover the history of Greece

Early History of Greece

Early History

The early history of Greece starts in the stone age and passes through the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaen civilizations, as well as the Dorian invasion the writings of Homer .....

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The Archaic Age of Greece

Archaic Age

The Archaic Age of Greece sees the development of small city states such as Athens, Corinth and Sparta, with Monarchic rule was abolished in favour of a form of government headed by aristrocrats .....

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The Classical Age of Greece

Classical Age

The Classical Age of Greece sees the Persian empire gain in power and the Greek battles with Darius and the Persians lead to the Ionic Revolt where people were fighting against tyranny .....

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The Persian Wars of Greece

Persian Wars

The Persian Wars which bagen in 499 B.C. and lasted until 449 B.C. consisted of some of the most bloody battles including the Battles of Marathon and that of Thermopylae led by King Leonidas .....

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The Peloponnesian Wars of Greece

Peloponnesian Wars

The Peloponnesian Wars that took placed shifted the power of Greece to Sparta after defeats for Athens in Sicily, though the power the Spartans gained soon started to decline .....

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The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games

Ever since the first recorded Olympics in 776 B.C., the Olympic Games have become the biggest sporting event in the world and one that has a fascinating history .....

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