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Holidays in the Sporades Islands

The Sporades are a wonderful group of islands in the North West of the Aegean Sea, and part of the county of Magnesia that includes the stunning region of Pelion.

Sporades Islands - Greece

The Sporades Islands attract a lot of visitors every year from all over the world. Here the holiday makers can enjoy the crystal clear green blue sea waters of the Aegean, with fantastic sea caves, and the bright Aegean sun light. All of these factors combined together result in very special and unique and unforgettable moments.

The Sporades consist of the Islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. They are all islands with a lot of green scenery that combine in harmony with the blue-green of the sea and the gorgeous blue skies.

The island of Alonissos offers moments of peace and tranquility. It is also a refuge of the protected Mediterranean Seal "Monahous - Monahous". Skiathos is a cosmopolitan island that offers night life, sandy beaches and wonderful scenery.

Skopelos is a traditional island with clear waters and sandy beaches, and is a very green and beautiful island, providing a very peaceful setting for your relaxing holidays in the Aegean Sea.

Holidays in the Sporades Islands

The island of Skiathos, located to the west of the Sporades is an island that is very popular with visitors. With ferry connections to the region of the Pelion peninsula, is is easily accessible for those who are located in Mainland Greece.

The unique island of Skyros, which geographically belongs to the island of Evia, will offer you quiet moments with a lot of sandy beaches, clear waters. For the lovers of walking, the island offers a choice of paths that pass through the stunning green scenery.

The Sporades islands offer a wonderful alternative to the more busy and crowded islands in Greece. They are islands of extreme natural beauty, and though they are well catered for tourism and travellers, they have maintained their traditional apperances and natural beauty - remaining as they were, many years ago.

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