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Holidays in Evia

The beautiful island of Evia is the actually the second largest island in Greece after Crete. The island actually resembles an extension to mainland Greece, which it was in fact many years ago.

Evia - Greece

The main gateway to the island from mainland Greece is at Chalkida. From here there is a bridge that you can cross with your car or bike. There are also ferry boats traveling to and from the island at seven different locations.

At the south of Evia, in the port of Karystos, there are ferry boats which travel to Rafina in Attica/Athens. At the north of Evia, there are ferry boats which leave from the port of Pefki and head to the port city of Volos, located at the foot of Mount Pelion.

Evia is usually divided into three parts - the north, central and south regions. Each of these contain a huge number of beautiful villages, coastal resorts and quaint towns, offering a wonderful selection of holiday destinations throughout the year.

Evia is a beautiful island to visit with some stunning beaches. It is also very fertile in terms of flourishing nature and foodstuff.

Though Evia is indeed an island, to many who visit it, there is a sense that is is not - this is due to the close proximity it has with mainland Greece, as well as the connection available by bridge whereby one can drive over to the island by car or the local bus services, which operate on a daily basis from the main towns and cities all over Greece.

Holidays in Evia

Evia is also famous for the natural spas that are found here. In the town of Edipsos, there are a huge number of natural spas and waters, and the town is generally refered to as the "Spa Capital" of the island.

Spa and therapeutic holidays are very popular on the island of Evia, and there are many hotels and companies offering a great selection of health and natural spa holidays, where visitors can enjoy the healing properties of these unique waters, which have been known about since ancient times.

Though relatively untouched by mass tourism, the island is one that has a very well organised tourism infrastructure, and an island where you can find a huge variety of hotels and accommodation.

Evia is an island where the unique landscape and scenery offers more than words ever could. Visitors to the island find themselves returning year after year, to appreciate and enjoy a Greek island experience on one of the most unique islands in all of Greece.

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