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Holidays in the Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecannese are a group of islands with unique beauty and great history that you will surely fall in love with. The Dodecannese Islands are located in the South East of the Aegean Sea, with capital being the famous large island of Rhodes.

Dodecanese Islands - Greece

Some of the Dodecannese Islands still maintain their tradition look despite the years passed by. It will not be unusual to come across women on the road, that even today, are still wearing their colourful local traditional costumes.

All over the Dodecannese Islands you will find a lot of clean and crystal clear water sandy beaches. The beaches on the Dodecanese Islands are amongst the cleanest and most beautiful in Greece. Here you will enjoy unforgettable moments under the hot Aegean Sea summer sun.

You will find the Dodecanese quite cosmopolitan, but at the same time you can easily find the quiet and peaceful life that these beautiful islands provide.

Many of the islands here have retained their traditional appearances, and provide many charming photo opportunities. The Dodecannese Islands are the ideal summer holiday destination in Greece, perfectly blending the thriving nature and rich and colourful vegetation with the soothing blue of the sky and the sea.

Holidays in the Dodecanese Islands

Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecannese Islands, that combines a wonderful climate with peace and quiet but at the same time, a lively cosmopolitan life.

Kos an island known for it's fantastic sandy beaches and also as being the home land of Hippocrates. The islands of Kalimnos is one with a very rich history and wonderful sites, which visitors can enjoy and explore.

To put it simply, the Dodecannese Islands are awaiting for you with open arms, ready to welcome you, and to come here and enjoy unforgettable holidays in beautiful surroundings.

Discover the Dodecanese Islands

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