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Entertainment & Nightlife in Greece

All over Greece, you will find so many things to do, see and experience, you may not have enough time to do everything. Greece is full of interesting places, where one can easily pass many hours enjoying the entertainment that can be found in Greece.

Nightlife in Greece

As well as the numerous archaeological sites, museums and galleries scattered across the country, there is also a vivid and exciting nightlife that is unique and unlike any other in the world.

Greeks love food, and this will be obvious from the amount of restaurants and tavernas that you will come across. As well as restaurants offering you the chance to sample tastes of Greek cuisine, you will also find a selection of restaurants offering you cuisine from all over the world, such as Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Thai and many more. Of course, every visitor to Greece should sample the world famous "souvlaki", and you will be able to find these in restaurants and snack bars all over the country. Be warned though, that they are highly addictive !!

The are also a wide range of bars, cafes and clubs all over the country. Athens has some of the most popular clubs in the country. Whatever type of bar or club you are looking for, you will find it in Greece. You can enjoy a quiet drink overlooking the sea and watching the sunset. Alternatively, you can head to a music club, and enjoy anything from rock, techno, hip-hop, to good old Greek bouzouki. The choice is yours. You will find that weekends are the busiest and most lively, though there are some places where you will find a good crowd nearly every night of the week. At some of the most popular restaurants and music clubs, you may need to make a reservation to be sure that you can get in.

For young children, there is also a lot to do. You will come across many fun-fairs or "Luna-Parks", where the children can enjoy themselves. There are also many small parks with swings and slides, where you can unleash the children and let them go wild. For the young-adults, there are also many activities, such as rollerskating, bowling, go karting and many others which will keep the teenagers entertained.

During the summer months, why not head to one of the open air cinemas, where you can enjoy the latest blockbusters under a star filled sky. All international films shown in Greece are with Greek subtitles, so you wouldn't have any problem understanding the film. Also, you wouldn't have to worry about seeing your favourite movie star, dubbed with a heavy Greek accent. An added bonus of these open air cinemas is that if the film you have chosen to see is a "bummer", then you could gaze up into the night sky and watch the stars. (Something you couldn't really do in a conventional cinema - well, you could if you want, but you wouldn't see past the ceiling !!)

There are also concerts that take place throughout the year, and you might just find a musical artist that you enjoy, performing a concert during your stay in greece. Concerts in Athens at the Lycabettos Theatre and also the Herold Atticus Odeon are well worth experiencing in you have the opportunity.

In Greece, there is always something to do, for people of all ages and lifestyles. With such a large variety, you could make everyday one with a totally different and unique experience.

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