Connecting the Theatres of the Acropolis

The “Stoa of Eumenes” is a 163 meter (535 ft) two-storey foyer, which connects the Theatre of Dionysos with the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Stoa of Eumenes

The Stoa was actually a gift to the Athenians from the King of Pergamon, Eumenes II, as he was a very wealthy man and wanted to expand his power and influence in the Greek cities. One function of the stoa was to protect spectators from bad weather or the sun. It is said that is was also used to store things for the Odeon of Herodes.

The ground floor of the stoa was made with a colonnade of 64 Doric columns with the interior colonnade consisting of 32 Ionic columns.

Along the inside of the stoa were a selection of stalls providing snacks or drinks, for spectators at the Dionysos Theatre. This was of particular importance, as very often, performances went well into six or seven hours.