Holidays in Spetses

Holidays in Spetses

The beautiful island of Spetses is one of the jewels in the Argosaronic Gulf, and is an island that offers the perfect setting for rewarding and enjoyable holidays.

spetses-greeceThe island of Spetses is actually located very close to the coast of Argolida in the Peloponnese region of Greece. There are daily ferry boat and flying dolphin connections with the port of Piraeus as well as the others islands in the Saronic Gulf.

Spetses is an island with a very impressive history, and this can be seen upon arrival at the island.

The towns have maintained their traditional appearances, and the impressive neoclassical mansions offer a fascinating insight into the traditions and past years of the island. Today, several of these traditional mansions operate as museums.

With the banning of cars, the island is a true escape away from the noise and stress of everyday city life. Though bikes are permitted on the island, it is the absence of cars that really make Spetses and island where you can easily relax and unwind.

Visitors will find a great selection of bars, cafes, restaurants and tavernas where you can enjoy a tasty meal or refreshing drink. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.

If you are planning on visiting Spetses during September you can enjoy a range of cultural celebrations and events that take place in that month. The most popular event is the representation of the naval battle which you should really try to see.

How do I travel to Spetses ?

You can only reach the Argosaronic island of Spetses by sea. There are frequent ferry and hydrofoil services with the Athens port of Piraeus. There is also a daily connection from Spetses to ports in the Peloponnese region of Greece such as Porto Heli, Ermioni and Argolida. There are more frequent services to Spetses from Piraeus during the summer months. Find more information about ferries to Spetses by clicking the link.

Where can I stay in Spetses ?

The island has a lovely selection of quality accommodation where you can stay such as hotels, apartments, guesthouses and studios. As well as the main town of Spetses, you can also find accommodation in Agios Mamas, Palio Limani and Agia Marina. Find more information about hotels in Spetses by clicking the link.

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Map of Spetses


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http://www.σπετσες.com/ - Greek language website for Spetses

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