Holidays in Karpathos

Holidays in Karpathos

The second largest island in the Dodecanese is the charming island of Karpathos. Situated between the island of Rhodes and Crete, Karpathos is an island with a vast and rich history dating back thousands of years.

Karpathos GreeceDiscovered on Karpathos were the remains of settlements that date back over 6000 years. The island is one that has culture and heritage on each and every corner. Karpathos is a truly beautiful island, with a landscape that creates an exceptional setting for your holidays in the Dodecanese.

The green mountains and the golden sandy beaches blend perfectly together, forming a paradise in the Aegean sea. The famous Mediterranean seal “Monachus-Monachus” lives on the island due to it’s exceptionally clean waters.

Karpathos is an island where nature thrives, and it is a popular destination for travellers looking for alternative holidays.

There are many paths that one can follow, taking you on a journey past the stunning scenery, the beautiful beaches, and also some spectacular caves. The capital town of the island is Karpathos ( the islands name ), but it is also known as Pigadia. The traditional houses and the beautiful church make it feel as though one has stepped back in time.

All over the island are an array of many beautiful towns and villages, each with their own charm and magic. Arkasa, Makris Gialos and Lefkos are just some of the interesting towns that are well worth visiting.

How do I travel to Karpathos ?

You can travel to the Dodecanese island of Karpathos by air and sea. The airport of the island caters for domestic and international flights, with many charter flights arriving here during the summer months from a number of different European destinations. Find more information about flights to Karpathos by clicking the link.

Travelling to Karpathos by sea is the most popular, and there are regular ferry services connecting the island with Athens via the port of Piraeus, as well as with other islands in the Dodecanese, Cyclades and also Crete. Karpathos has two ports, with the main one being Pigadi, and the smaller one being located in Diafani. Find more information about ferries to Karpathos by clicking the link.

Where can I stay in Karpathos ?

Visitors to the island of Karpathos will find a wide selection of accommodation available throughout the island. You can find a range of hotels, apartments, studios, guesthouses and other accommodation in popular destinations such as Karpathos town, Arkasa, Amoopi and many others. Karpathos has accommodation for all types of visitor so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Find more information about hotels in Karpathos by clicking the link.

5 Day weather forecast for Karpathos

Map of Karpathos

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http://www.καρπαθος.com/ - Greek language website for Karpathos

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