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Summer Reading for your holidays to Greece

If you are off to Greece this summer for your holidays, then why not pick up a copy of “The Curse of the Ancient Greeks” to take and read with you? This novel is based on real stories and events that have taken place in Greece and is a very witty insight into life in modern-day Greece.

“The Curse of the Ancients” is a contemporary novel based on and inspired by real stories and current events. It is the story of a Greek newspaper columnist born in a magical and remote mountainous peninsular stretching out in the Mediterranean, hugged by glittering turquoise coasts and dramatic cliffs. At an early age, the boy loses his father in a tragic work-related accident, which influences the rest of his life.

He is shortly taken to Athens by his mother in search of a better life. As an adult, he finds himself in the midst of a social and economic crisis in a country facing drastic financial upheavals. His mundane struggle to stay afloat, trying to keep his job as a journalist, and his troubled family intact bring back memories of his mysterious birthplace and take his thoughts back to the glorious age of philosophy and logic in ancient Greece.

Whilst on a vain professional search to discover the source of his country’s recent financial misfortunes, he is forced to reevaluate his most intimate relations with his family and friends, taking him on a soul-searching and unexpected romantic and philosophical journey.


Reviews of the Book

“A sharp, witty, and often moving account of an ancient nation on life support. Panos’ life is as precarious as the continued survival of his country….
In his first book, author Nejad paints a discomfiting picture of a nation in crisis, not only wrestling with financial catastrophe, but with the sustainment of its collective soul. Greece is not merely broke, but broken, and the historical womb of democracy has degenerated into bureaucratic chaos, opportunism, and despair.

Mercifully, the author leavens the mood with antic comedy…despite the cloud of cynicism that hangs over a beleaguered Greece, (the hero) refuses to surrender to it fully. “The most important thing is that this is not the end. I am a man, I am Greek, and this is a country with a big history. We will show them.” … The affecting portrayal of a country and culture on the brink and the punchy humor… make the long road one worth traveling.”

Kirkus Review (Kirkus is the most authoritative literary review institution in the world of literature)

The Curse of the Ancient Greeks “…offers a compelling, often very funny insight into contemporary Greek culture.”

Editing Panel, Authorhouse UK


Where to buy your copy

curse ancient greeksThe English version of the book, The Curse of the Ancient Greeks, in paperback, hardback, kindle and electronic formats, is now available worldwide by order from most major bookstores internationally or on the web by:

The Greek version of the book, “Η ΚΑΤΑΡΑ ΤΩΝ ΑΡΧΑΙΩΝ” in paperback is available from book stores by order or on the web from

About the Author

farisFaris Nejad is a sociologist and a political scientist, who has lived, studied and worked in the birthplace of three of the richest civilizations of the ancient world. He was born and raised in Persia (Iran). At an early age, his inquisitive mind took him to the foothills of Mount Everest in India to attend school. This was followed by his residence in Athens where he studied in the field of social sciences.

He lived and worked in both coasts of the United States obtaining a Masters’s degree in political and social sciences. His professional career includes working for human rights organizations in Athens, New York, San Francisco and London. He is a regular contributor to Greek and international media writing on political and social issues as well as creating sketches relating to current events in Greece.

Currently, Faris lives on his small animal and fruit farm opposite Mount Pelion near the quaint port city of Volos in central Greece.