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Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant – Athens

Located in the district of Kipseli in Athens is the popular Lalibela Restaurant where you can enjoy a wonderful range of authentic Ethiopian cuisine. This beautiful restaurant is run by Tsehai and Elisabeth who have been running the restaurant since the year 2000.

At the Lalibela you can sample a beautiful selection of tasty Ethiopian cuisine, including a delicious choice of meat and vegetarian dishes. The menu is very rich and varied and you can be sure that there will be something for everyone’s tastes and preferences.

On the first Saturday of every month there is  a buffet special, where you can come and experience some delicious Ethiopian cuisine and also enjoy some live traditional music. Tsehai and Elisabeth have created a truly unique and authentic setting at the Lalibela restaurant, and everyone who comes here to eat always leave with a happy and full stomach.

Lalibela Restaurant
26-28 Naxou St, Kipseli, Athens.

Telephone: ( + 30 ) 210 8652 4950
Mobile: ( + 30 ) 6948 473949