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Greek wine becoming much more popular in the US

Over the past few years Greek wine has become more and more popular in the United States, with the image of Greek wine changing dramatically.

It is no longer looked upon as cheap imports and has actually started earning critical acclaim and distinctions at international wine competitions in the US.

At many of the top restaurants in the United States you will find a choice of Greek wines on offer, mainly those from the island of Crete and the Peloponnese region.

A survey in New York found that there were at least 480 restaurants and 520 wine retailers who offered Greek wines.

Jim Tsiboukis, who is the vice president of wine importer Esteson Corp that is based in San Jose, California said …

“Greek wine imports have been averaging a 15 percent growth per year for the last three years.”

If you are visiting Greece during the summer season, then you might be lucky enough to be around at the time of one of the many wine festivals that take place around the country. If you are visiting the island of Santorini, then you can pay a visit to the various wineries there and enjoy a wine tasting session.


Wine Festivals in Greece in 2014

March 7th – 10th: Oenorama Athens Wine Festival
At the Oenorama Wine Festival you will be offered the chance to taste over 600 different Greek wines from dozens of vineyards and manufacturers. The Oenorama website allows you to sign up for free pre-registration for the show. A number of seminars will be taking place, mostly in Greek, and these will be focusing on various aspects of Greek wines.


July 5th-12th ( unconfirmed dates ): Rethymnon Wine Festival ( Renamed as the Cretan Diet Festival )
The annual Rethymnon Wine Festival in Crete  is one that highlights the many varieties of Cretan wine, as well as many other local customs and traditions of the island. If you are on holiday in Crete during the festival, it is advised to try and attend if you can.


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