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Winter holidays in Greece

When people think about Greece, they often think about the sea, sun, beaches and the Greek islands. Not many people will think of winter holidays in Greece, despite there being a wonderful range of beautiful winter destinations all around the country.

During the winter season, most of the hotels and tourist facilities on the Greek islands and around the coast of the mainland are closed, and some resemble ghost towns. There is however a thriving winter tourism industry in Greece, and popular winter destinations include the famous town of Arachova in Parnassos, Mount Pelion, and many beautiful locations across the north of the country.

Greece is a very mountainous country, and during the cold winter months, there is a lot of snowfall. Greece has a number of ski centres situated all over the country that offer perfect conditions for skiing as well as other winter sports including snowboarding.

Some of the most popular ski centres include the Parnassos ski centre, which is just a couple of hours’ drive from Athens. The Pelion ski centre on Mount Pelion is a very famous ski centre and here you will be able to enjoy some spectacular views during your ski sessions. Other popular ski resorts in Greece are located in Kalavrita, Kaimaktsalan and Vasilitsa.

The scenery in Greece during the winter is one of pure beauty and charm. Many of the traditional mountainous villages around the country have a great deal of snowfall in the winter and are covered in blankets of soft white snow. The imagery is exceptionally beautiful and provides a complete contrast to the usual image of Greece with sandy beaches and blue seas and skies.

If you want to experience a unique and enjoyable winter holiday then you really should take a closer look at the types of winter holidays you can enjoy in Greece. With many wonderful winter destinations and also various activities you can enjoy, Greece offers a wonderful range of ski and winter resorts.

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