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Bus services from Athens Airport to Evia island

The island of Evia is the second largest in Greece and is a beautiful destination that is perfect for visiting any time of the year. There is not airport on the island as the Athens International Airport is close by. Until now, there hasn’t been a good transportation service connecting the airport with the island.

However, this has now changed as the Hoteliers Association of Evia have recently signed an agreement with the KTEL local bus operator, which provides a service taking passengers from the airport straight to the cities of Chalkida and Eretria on the island. There will be 4 round trips connecting the cities and airport on a daily basis and this new service will operate from the 17th July up to the 16th October. Ticket prices will cost between 15-17 euros per person.

The hotel association is also looking at the idea of connecting the airport with the suburban railway which will help travellers reach the island at an reduced cost.

Departure from Athens Airport

Athens Airport07:3012:3017:3023:00
Arrive in Chalkida09:1014:1019:1024:00
Arrive in Eretria09:5014:4019:5000:20

Departure from Chalkida & Eretria

Arrive at airport07:2012:2517:2522:25