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Is privatization of Greece’s archaeological sites the answer ?

Suggestions that the many archaeological sites found all around Greece such as the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens, ancient Delphi, Olympia and many others, have been rejected, with the insistence that the Greek state should continue to undertake the task.

On Monday a statement was issued by the Association of Greek Archaeologists which followed the publication of a report in Time magazine by the American archaeologist Stephen Miller, who said …

“The Ministry of Culture does some things very well: it does conservation work extremely well, they are very good at setting up exhibitions. They are lousy businessmen.”

The association however disagrees and said …

“Archaeological sites and the country’s monuments belong to the whole of society. The protection, promotion and management of these sites is the duty of the state, as stipulated in the Constitution and laws of this country.”

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What are your views on this ?? Should the archaeological sites in Greece be run by private firms, or do you think that the Greek state should continue operating them ?