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Travel routes around Greece

Greece is a country with a huge selection of various destinations and place to visit. From the coastal towns and resorts, to the mountainous towns and villages, Greece is a holiday destination that encompasses all of the elements, and provides the setting in which you can enjoy holidays and vacations throughout the year.

Routes for travelling around Greece

As well as the world famous Greek Islands, there is a huge wealth of beauty to be found in Mainland Greece. From the stunning Peloponnese in the southern region of Greece, to the Northern region of Greece and Macedonia, the variety of destinations is endless. Greece is also a very popular destination for winter holidays. With much of the mainland being mountainous, there are a number of ski and winter sports centres open all over the country, offering the opportunity for ski and winter holidays in stunning and highly beautiful settings.

From the ski centres of Pelion, Parnassos and Parnitha, to that of Kaimachalan in the north west, Greece is just as beautiful and inspiring during the winter months as it is during the summer season. The Peloponnese region of Greece is one that perfect combines the sea and mountains, with a natural setting, many charming towns and villages, as well as a wealth of ancient archaeological sites such as Ancient Olympia, Mystras and Epidaurus.

In the west of Greece is the delightful Epirus region, where you can find a perfect combination of both coastal and mountain resorts and towns, such as Preveza, Ioannina and many others. Epirus is also a gateway to the magical Ionian islands. The regions of Central Greece and Thessaly are also of extreme natural beauty, and here you can find a wonderful variety of beautiful holiday destinations that are perfect for visiting any time of the year.

The Northern Greece and Macedonia region is one of the most popular, and here you can enjoy your holidays and vacations in a truly remarkable setting, with inspiring and stunning landscape all around.

Greece is a country that really needs to be explored to be fully appreciated. There are places of beauty and charm on every corner, and each town and village, whether small or large, has it's own unique beauty and magic. Wherever you plan to stay when visiting Greece, it is not difficult to venture out slightly, and explore some of the surrounding areas close to where you will stay.

If you are up for the challenge, why not hire a car, and explore various parts of Greece at your own pace and leisure. Afterall, each part of Greece means something different for each of us. Where one person may see a jungle, another may see it as beautiful. This is the magic of Greece - there is always something for everyone. All you need is to stratch below the surface a little, and the real, authentic Greece can easily be found.

This "Route Planner" section of AroundGreece has been created in order to better help you when planning your travels around the country. We have developed a series of travel routes, departing from the major cities and towns of Greece, with a variety of beautiful and popular destinations all over the country. Simple select a departure point from the options below and start looking through our various travel routes, which you can use when planning your own excursions and journies around the country.