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Holidays in Thrace Greece

The charming region of Thrace, also known as Thraki, is located in the north east of Greece, and is a very picturesque area, with flourishing nature and beautiful scenery.

Thrace Greece

Thrace is an area with prosperous land that is most precious for the ecological balance with the famous aquatic ecosystem at the delta of river Evros and the lake Vistinida, with Pamakohoria and the splendid beaches of the Thracian Sea offer a landscape that soothes and relaxes the visitor.

Thrace has a very rich and intersting history from the ancient to the Byzantine years. There are several interesting historic sights that are well worth visiting if you have the chance.

There are also some very charming churches and monasteries in the region that offer a wonderful insight into the religious history of the area. Visitors to these churches and monasteries can see some beautiful pieces of religious artwork including some wonderful icons.

Thrace is the most eastern county of Greece and borders with Turkey on the east and Bulgaria on the north. The famous Macedonia region of northern Greece bordered on the west of Thrace.

Holidays in Thrace Greece

Thrace is a very popular destination with visitors to north Greece, and the counties of Evros, Zanthi and Rodopi each offer a wonderful setting for all types of holidays throughout the year.

The historic town of Alexandroupoli is located in the Evros county, and is one of the most popular destinations for visitors the region. The small yet beautiful island of Samothraki ( Samothrace ) is situated just 29 nautical miles from the harbour of Alexandroupolis, and visitors can easily visit the island by the frequent ferry boat connections that operate.

Paying a visit to the island of Samothraki is an excellent way to sample the magic and beauty of the Greek islands, and is an excellent chance for enjoying a truly unique day trip, if your time here is limited.

For those who are looking for a holiday, away from the overcrowded and more tourist places, the region of Thrace provides a refreshing alternative. With strong traditions and immense natural beauty, the region is one where your holidays will be exactly how you have been dreaming of them.

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