Larissa Holidays

Larissa (Larisa) is the capital city of both the county of Larissa as well as the entire region of Thessaly. It is a modern city with all expected services and facilities.

Larissa - Thessaly Greece

Many of the large streets have been transformed to include pedestrian areas, and walking paths around the city have been extended, allowing the hidden beauties of the city to be much more prominent.

Larissa has a history going back thousands of years. Discoveries and findings have proven the existence of the area dating back to the Paleolithic period. Examples of some of the artifacts and findings from the area can be seen in the Archaeological museum. Larissa is a very charming city and one that offers much to visitors.

There is a great selection of hotels and accommodation in the city, and this provides visitors with an ideal base from which they can venture out and explore some of the surrounding areas.

Ancient Theatre in Larissa Greece

There are many charming villages scattered all around the famous Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, and which according to mythology was the home of the "12 Gods of Olympus".The highest peak on Mount Olympus is "Mytikas" which reaches an altitude of 2,917 meters.

The area of Mount Olympus is very rich in flora and fauna, and the charming wildlife and natural scenery make it a very popular destination for trekking and alternative activities such as hiking and rock climbing.

During the winter season, the popular ski centre of Vryssopoules is in operation, and here you can enjoy ski and winter sports at a first rate facility and one with the added bonus of providing some spectacular landscapes and imagery. There is also the ski centre of Agriolefkes in the Pelion region of Magnesia, which is very popular for ski and winter sports.

Visitors to Larissa will be rewarded with an endless choice of beautiful and inspiring sites and interesting places to visit. The "Tempi" valley with enchant visitors with its magnificent natural beauty, whilst the large plain trees and the Pinios river flowing to the sea create an environment of pure relaxation and tranquility. There is a small bridge here that leads to the lovely chapel of Agia Paraskevi.

Mount Olympus in Larissa Greece

The beautiful village of Ambelakia is well worth visiting. It was here that the first handicraft association of Greece was formed. In the village you can enjoy charming walks, passing by lovely scenery and some very impressive traditional mansions.

Another area that attracts many visitors to Larissa is that of Tyrnavos, an area famous for the ouzo and tsipouro that is produced here. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even stop and sample some of the drink.

The picturesque region of Elassona, as well as other areas surrounding Larissa offer excellent opportunities for exploring. The whole region is one where nature takes over, and the scenery is something you would expect to find in fairytale.

There are frequent national bus (KTEL) and rail (OSE) connections with Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities around Greece.