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Holidays in Thessaly Greece

Located above the region of Central Greece is the magical prefecture of Thessaly (Thessalia), a stunning combination of mountain and sea and a place that you can visit all year round.

Thessaly Greece

This region of Greece, which borderd with the Aegean Sea on the east is a truly unique and inspiring region, and one that offers a huge range of landscape, natural beauty and perfect destinations for holidays throughout the year.

It is in the county of Magnesia that you will find the simply stunning region of Pelion (Pilio). In Pelion, you can enjoy holidays all year round, as it is the perfect combination of sea and mountain.

During the summer season, the beautiful beaches all around the coast are full of people enjoying the summer sun and sea. During the winter season, visitors descend onto Mount Pelion for its fantastic ski centre. Other winter sports and activities also take place here.

Holidays in Thessaly Greece

The region of Meteora in the county of Trikala is one that all visitors to the region should try and visit. The stunning monasteries located right at the top the famous rocks is a truly unique sight, and one that needs to be seen to be believed.

Trikala is also home to the stunning "Lake Plastira". The area is one of immense natural beauty, and is a place that visitors will instantly fall in love with.

The county of Larissa is a very charming region of Thessaly, and the main town is home to over 270,000 inhabitants. There are several interesting and beautiful sites to see in Larissia such as the hamlet of Agia and the historical village Ambelakia.

Thessaly is a remarkable region of Greece, and offers a wonderful selection of landscapes, scenery and opportunities for unique and interesting holidays. The region is easily accessible from both North and South Greece.

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