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Holidays in the Peloponnese Greece

The Peloponnese ( Peloponnisos ) is the most southern peninsula of Greece but technically has been an island since 1893, when the Corinth canal was opened.

Peloponnese Greece

In the Peloponnese you can find almost everything you would need for a perfect holiday in Greece ..... ancient cities such as Mycenae and Pylos, the ancient theater of Epidaurus, Olympia (where the Olympic games started ) and now where the Olympic flame starts to travel all over the world at the start of the Olympic Games.

Medieval remains, old Venetian castles like Nafplio, Methoni and Corinth, the Towers of Mani and the Byzantine places of Monemvasia and Mystra all make the Peloponnese a truly magical region in Greece.

The Peloponnese is perfect for holidays "off the beaten track", where you can truly explore all the magic that this region has to offer.There are peaceful and secluded areas all over the region, which make it the perfect destination away from the hustle and bustle of places such as Athens or other popular Greek Islands.

On route from Athens to the Peloponnese, you will pass through Corinthos (Korinthos) which is known as the "Gateway to the Peloponnese". Here you can also stop and take a look at the Corinth Canal, which was finally completed (after hundreds of years in planning) in 1893.

Holidays in the Peloponnese Greece

Mycenae and Mystras are two very popular and important areas in the Peloponnese, and are visited by thousands of visitors every year. Mystras is a perfect example of a Byzantine city, with its well preserved houses and churches that date back to the 14th and 15th century.

The regions of Messinia and Lakonia, located at the south of the Peloponnese are very popular destinations and have beautiful sandy beaches, and a very relaxing and calm atmosphere.

The whole region of the Peloponnese can be described as a paradise for those who are interested in the archaeological and ancient ruins that can be found everywhere.

There are also many museums which you can visit to see some of the beautiful artifacts and objects that have been found during excavations of the various ancient sites.

Each region in the Peloponnese offers something different from the others, and when visiting all of them as you travel through the region, you can begin to appreciate just how magical and special this stunning region of Greece really is.

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