Arta Holidays

Arta is one of the four counties that make up the Epirus region of Greece, and is located on the banks of the river Arahthos. During the 13th and 14th century, Arta reached it's highest achievement when it was the capital of Eprius.

Arta - Greece

Today visitors to Arta can see the impressive castle, and the Byzantine churches that still stand proudly, displaying their unique architecture style from this period. The landscape and scenery found in Arta is one that will both impress and inspire visitors.

Arta is located 375km from the city of Athens via the Rio - Antirio bridge. The region offers visitors all of the modern comforts and facilities of a modern city, yet the stunning landscape is one of a beautiful and natural environment.

Not far from the centre of the city, on the way towards Ioannina is where you will find the famous arched bridge of Arta, the man-made lake of Arahthos and the Pournari Dam.

Holidays in Arta

The Arta region is one that truly needs to be explored to be appreciated. If you decide to hire a car, you can easily visit some of the very impressive and inspiring areas of the county. An excellent choice is to pay a visit to the Athamanika mountains, which are known by their local name of "Tzoumerka".

Built amphitheatrically onto the slopes of the mountains are the charming villages of Voulareli and Agnanda, where visitors will find warm and genuine hospitality and an excellent selection of tasty local cuisine.

At a close distance are the beautiful waterfalls, which provide visitors with a truly magical sight. The waterfalls are situated very close to the quaint traditional village of Kataraktes.

Arta Travel Guide

If you visit Arta during the summer season and would like to head to a beach, one excellent choice would be the beach of Koronisia, which is perfect for a refreshing swim. As you head towards this beach, you will follow a magnificent route that passes through the aquatic ecosystem and Salaora, an experience that you will never forget.

Another popular choice of destinations in Arta are along the coast of the Ionian sea. A drive through beautiful scenery and charming landscapes will take you to a beautiful selection of beaches were you can bathe in the crystal blue waters.

Arta has frequent national bus connections (KTEL) to the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.