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Holidays in Central Greece

Central Greece is the most mountainous part of the whole country, and within it, lies some of the most beautiful and unique areas in all of Greece. Due to its location, it has a climate that is quite different from other places in Greece. It can be mild and dry on the coasts and cold with snow on the mountain peaks..

Central Greece

In Central Greece, there are so many areas to visit and travel to, that you really are spoilt for choice. The prefecture of Viotia, which is close to Athens, includes the region of Mount Parnassos. This is a popular winter destination for many Athenians due to the famous and popular ski centre that can be found there.

The historic region of Delphi is also close by in the neighboring prefecture of Fokida. Delphi, according to Greeks in ancient times, was "the center of the world".

The temple of Delphi is the second most visited tourist attraction in all of Greece, after the Parthenon in Athens. Fokida is almost an entirely mountainous area, which makes it a haven for hikers, and those who love adventure and alternative holidays.

Holidays in Central Greece

The region of Evritania is also a very beautiful one, where the stunning nature and flourishing plants make it a beautiful place for holidays surrounded by green scenery.

The main town of Karpenissi is where you will find a more modern cosmopolitan place, with bars, restaurants, and the usual amenities you will find in any modern city.

Whichever region of Central-Greece you do decide to visit, you are sure to have magical moments and holidays that will live with your forever. The regions vary so much from each other that at times, it is easy to believe that you are in a different country, and not simply a different region.

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