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Accommodation in Lakonia

Below you will find information about the various hotels and accommodation that are available in the beautiful county of Lakonia Peloponnese region of Greece.

Lakonia is a very picturesque part of the Peloponnese and makes a great travel destination throughout the year. It has many interesting places to visit, including the famous town of Sparti. In Lakonia you will find a great range of various hotels and accommodation for your holidays.

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Holiday Destinations in Lakonia - Peloponnese

Archangelos Hotels


The small fishing town of Archangelos is a lovely destination for your relaxing holidays in Lakonia. It is a very picturesque town and with nice beaches that you can enjoy .....

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Areopolis Hotels


The town of Areopolis is a very beautiful and impressive one with dominating towers and churches. It is a part of Lakonia that attracts visitors throughout the year and has been .....

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Elafonissos Hotels


The small island of Elafonissos off the coast of Lakonia is a very popular destination during the summer months with it's stunning beaches and relaxing setting, where you can .....

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Gythio Hotels


Gythio is a very beautiful coastal town in Lakonia and was the ancient port of Sparta. The town is well catered for tourism and you'll find many places to eat and drink as .....

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Karavostasi Hotels


The coastal town of Karavostasi on the coast of Lakonia is a great destination for visitors to the Peloponnese who want to enjoy the lovely beaches in additional to .....

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Monemvasia Hotels


Monemvasia is one of the most unique and special parts of Lakonia, and the town is located on the small islet that is linked by a small passage way. It is a place of immense .....

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Mystras Hotels


The fortified town of Mystras in the Peloponnese is a wonderful place to visit and attracts many visitors each year from all over the world. The town provides .....

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Vathy Hotels


The charming coastal area of Vathy is a destination that many visitors head to in the Peloponnese when they want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters .....

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