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Earliest Greek History

The early history of Greece starts in the stone age and passes through the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaen civilizations, as well as the Dorian invasion the writings of Homer

The Beginning of Greek History ...

Earliest History of Greece


The history of Greece starts right back to the Stone Age and then passes onto to the important coppper-stone and bronze ages .....

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The Cycladic Civilization of Greece

Cycladic Civilization

The Cycladic Civilization of Greece starts from 3000-2000 B.C. and goes up to 1500 – 1100 B.C. and is split up into three unique time periods .....

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The Minoan Civilization of Greece

Minoan Civilization

The Minoan Civilization of Crete was the first advanced civilization in Europe, and this was an age where the way of life dramatically changed .....

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The Mycenaean Civilization of Greece

Mycenaean Civilization

The Mycenaean Civilization of Greece was first great civilization on the mainland, and lead to city states such as Pylos, Corinth and Mycenae .....

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The Dorian Invasion of Greece


The Dorian Invasion of Greece. After originally settling in the Peloponnese, the Dorians soon spread out all over mainland Greece overtaking the Greek city states .....

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The Writings of Homer

Writings of Homer

The writings of Homer include some of the only references to specific times in Greek history, and whose famous works include the oldest book in Europe, the Illiad .....

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