Thassos Island Holidays

The beautiful island of Thassos located in the north of the Aegean Sea is just 16 nautical miles from the East Macedonian town of Kavala and 3 nautical miles from Keramoti.

Thassos Island - Greece

It is an island that is perfect for relaxing and peaceful holidays, and one with a stunning landscape of mountain and sea. Thassos is an island rich in history and tradition. Excavations carried out on the island indicate that it was first inhabited by the people of Thrace who arrived from the mainland during the Neolithic period.

Following them came the Parianoi (inhabitants from Paros) during the 7th century. This lead to trading between the island and the rest of Greece, especially the islands within the Cyclades.

The capital of the island is Thassos, which is situated on the top of an ancient town. The town is a very charming and friendly one. Close to the port of Thassos is a very interesting archaeological site that houses an ancient theatre that dates back to the 3rd century BC.

Holidays in Thassos Greece

During the summer months, several theatre productions that place and these are very interesting to attend should you have the opportunity. As well as the theatre are the ancient temples of Artemis, Poseidon, Dionisos and Hercules.

The Archaeological museum is also worth visiting, and here you can see a wonderful display of findings dating from th3 4th to the 7th century BC.

As well as the main town and port, there are also several other interesting villages scattered around the island including Theologos, Panagia, Potamia, Prinos and Limenaria. These villages offer one the chance to sample the daily traditional life of the locals of the island.

Thassos Travel Guide

The island of Thassos has some truly wonderful beaches that are perfect during the summer months. Visitors will also have the chance to enjoy some truly spectacular sunsets on the island.

For visitors to the island, there is a charming selection of accommodation available including hotels and rooms to let. There are also some lovely restaurants and tavernas where one can enjoy a tasty meal and drink, and admire the beautiful scenery that Thassos has been blessed with.

There are good connections by ferry boat between Thassos and the port of Kavala throughout the year.