Central Evia Holidays

The central region of Evia is home to the most famous towns and places on the island. The city of Chalkida, capital of Evia island is located here, where you will find the bridge that connects Evia with mainland Greece.

Central Evia - Greece

This connection, from mainland Greece to Evia is the most used and popular travel route to the island, and is an ideal option for those who wish to travel to the island with their car or vehicle.

The journey over the bridge is very short, and within minutes, you will be on of the most famous and popular Greek islands, without even setting foot on a ferry boat. For those who do wish to travel by ferry, there are connections with the port of Eretria on Evia and the small port of Oropos on mainland Greece.

Upon reaching Chalkida, you will find a very modern and charming city. With it's lovely scenery and easy access to all other regions of the island, many people find themselves being based in the city, from where they can head off in all directions to explore Evia at their own pace.

The village of Kymi in Evia

The central region of Evia is a combination of sea and mountain. To the northern section of central Evia, you will find the dominating mountains of Diris. Beyond these mountains on the coast, you will find a lovely selection of coastal towns, with perfect beaches, stretching into the refreshing waters of the Aegean Sea.

There are also many other beautiful beaches along the coast of Central Evia. Coastal towns such as Amarinthos and Eretria on the south coast, to Kimi in the north are all popular destinations with visitors to Evia.

What makes the central region of Evia unique is that it is a very varied and inspiring region. From the mountains right down to the sea, the scenery and landscapes found here are most impressive. As with the other parts of Evia, the central region is home to some very interesting and unique sites, churches, monasteries and other places of great interest.

Chalkida - Capital of Evia

For those who enjoy adventure and activities, the central region of Evia will be ideal for you. With it's natural setting, the area is perfect for trekking, mountain biking and other activities, that will take you through a unique and wonderful setting unlike any other in Greece.

The central region of Evia is very well suited for tourism, and here one will find a huge selection of different accommodation including hotels, apartments and rooms to let. There are also many travel agencies operating in the area, who can help arrange a selection of excursions, activities and cruises around Evia and beyond.

Most visitors to Evia will find themselves in the central part of the island at some point during their holidays here. It is a very beautiful and charming part of the island to visit, and is often referred to as the crossroads between both the north and south regions of the island, as well as to mainland Greece, from where you can venture out and explore many of the other famous parts of Greece.