Tinos Island Holidays

An important part of the Cyclades islands, Tinos is an island of immense natural beauty, as well as being an island of surprises. The island has a particular place in the hearts of Greeks as it is home to the Church of Virgin Mary of Tinos, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over Greece and beyond each year.

Tinos Island - Greece

Tinos is an island with the traditional Cycladic landscape, with charming square white houses with colourful courtyards full of flowers and plants. There are wonderful sandy beaches and quaint traditional villages scattered all across the island. It is an ideal destination for fun and enjoyable summer holidays in Greece.

Famous artists such as Giannoulis Halepas, Nikos Litras and Antonis Sohos all come from Tinos. As well as these famous people, the island is also famed for it's famous dove cots.

There are many interesting places to visit and attractions on the island. The Archaeological Museum is well worth visiting, as are the popular art gallery, the Mausoleum of Ellis, the museum of Antonios Sohos, and also the church of Pangia Tinou, where you can see wonderful exhibition of ecclesiastical heirlooms and icons that are housed in the church.

Holidays in Tinos Greece

Tinos has a wonderful choice of beautiful beaches that are extremely popular during the summer season. Some of the most famous includes the beaches of Stavros, Agios Markos, Pachia Ammos, Agios Ioannis, Porto, Agios Fokas and Kionia. When it comes to beaches, visitors to Tinos will be truly spoilt for choice.

For those who are interested in the religious history and importance of the island, it is worth paying a visit to the monastery of Agias Triados (Saint Trinity), which during the Ottoman occupation of Greece, functions as a "secret school". The monastery of Agia Ekaterini is also a popular attraction as is the monastery of Kehrovouniou, which is situated in Steni and was founded in the 10th century.

Tinos has a wonderful selection of popular destinations all over the island, and there are many charming traditional villages such as Kionia, Isternia, Steni and Pyrgos. These and many more provide a wonderful chance for an interesting and pleasurable excursion and tour.

Tinos Travel Guide

The harbour and capital of the island offers visitors all of the modern comforts. The most significant and important place here is the marbled church of Megaloharis (Virgin Mary), which was built in 823 on the exact point that the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary was found. The church itself is considered the work of Evangelist Loukas.

If you happen to be in TInos on the 15 August, you can join in with the biggest festival on the island - the name day celebrations of the Virgin Mary. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a very traditional and important celebration in the Greek calendar.

There is also a memorial service for the victims of the torpedo attack of Ellis which takes place on the 25th March - the day of Evagelismou.

Visitors to Tinos will find a great choice of accommodation at destinations throughout the island. There are also many traditional tavernas and cafe bars where you can enjoy a tasty meal or drink.

Tinos has excellent boat connections with city of Athens from the ports of Pireaus and Rafina. There are also local boat networks to other islands in the Cyclades.