Methana Holidays

Though part of the group of islands in the Argosaronic Gulf, the region of Methana is actually a peninsula that connects to the region of Argolida in the Eastern Peloponnese. It is separated by a narrow passage way called "Steno".

Methana Island - Greece

Methana is a very popular destination for visitors to Greece, and is a place of immense beauty, with charming scenery and landscapes. There are several characteristics of the peninsula, including the volcano, the natural hot springs, and the gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters. The entire region is one of pure tranquility and beauty.

The capital of Methana is "Chora" ( Hora ) which is a very picturesque town. There are also several other villages found all over the peninsula, including the lovely villages of Mounoupitsa, Vathi, Paleo Loutra, Kipseli, Agios Theodoros, Agios Nikolaos and Megalohori.

This wonderful grouping of villages, along with the exquisite scenery make Methana a very popular destination for holidays, and also for weekend breaks all year round.

Boats in Methana Greece

Another popular region of Methana is the charming hamlet of "Dritsaika", where visitors can enjoy a truly magical and inspiring view of the the Saronic Gulf. For those who enjoy the sea and beach, the most famous beach to visit in Methana is that of "Almyra".

During the summer months, this beach is filled with visitors and locals, who have come to enjoy the cool blue waters, and the gorgeous beach. Following the path from the beach, you will be lead to the "Cave of Pigeons", which was actually discovered by accident in the winter of 1973 by local residents.

Harbour of Methana

The village of Vathi is a popular part of Methana to visit. Here one can see the crater of the volcano on the hill called "Kameni".

The hot natural springs that are found in the village of Vromolimni are very popular with both locals and visitors to Methana. The hot waters are ideal for rheumatism and skin diseases and you will find many people bathing in their natural waters throughout the year.

Methana is a perfect holiday destination for visitors to Greece, and with easy access by boat from the port of Pireaus, as well as by road via Argolida in the Peloponnese, one can easily reach this beautiful peninsula, where you will enjoy some truly unique holiday moments.