Discover the Beautiful Region of Parnassos in Central Greece

What makes the region of Parnassos so special is that it is an ideal destination to visit any time of the year. Whether you are planning to visit in the summer or winter months, Parnassos welcomes you with open arms and provides a huge range of wonderful activities, sights, and fascinating places to visit.

The site of Ancient Delphi is the second most visited archaeological site in Greece, after the Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens. This unique and magical site was once considered to be to the centre of the ancient world, and it played a very important role in the history of Greece.

From the famous oracle of Delphi, to the large number of treasuries from all of the major city states in Ancient Greece, the role of Delphi cannot be underestimated. The beautiful Delphi museum houses a wonderful selection of artifacts and objects that were uncovered here, and the museum is well worth visiting, especially after you have wandered around the ancient ruins and temples.

As well as Delphi, there are many more sites and places of interested scattered all over the counties of Fokida, Fthiotida and Viotia, which all combine to create the beautiful and magical Parnassos region.

For those visiting during the summer months, there are a wonderful selection of beautiful coastal resorts that one can visit, from the popular Kamena Vourla region in Fthiotida, to the coastal town of Itea on the Corinthian Gulf. The choice available to visitors is most impressive, and one can easily find the type of destination that they are looking for.

There are many charming beaches found all along the coasts, and here you can enjoy the beautiful blue waters, and the peace and tranquility that surrounds them. Many popular coastal resorts offer a great range of accommodation, from high quality hotels, to apartments and rooms to let.

The region of Parnassos is equally as popular for winter holidays in Greece as it is during the summer. Here, on the slopes of mount Parnassos is the famous ski center.┬áThe idea for the building of this ski centre was that of Kostantinos Karamalis, in 1975. He was also the one responsible for the actually development of the ski center. In 1976 at in the area of “Fterolaka”, the first of the ski centers was built.

This ski center also included facilities such as self-service restaurants and a cafeteria which both offered tasty and traditional cuisine. At Ftherolaka, there is in operation two telechiez, which are three-seat chair lifts, and two teleski. Also, on this side of the mountain, the cliff of Fterolaka is ideal for walking.

Just a few years later came the final piece of this complete ski centre, with another section of the ski center added to the complex, and this is how we all know it today. The last section of the ski center was named “Kellaria”, meaning cellars, and also offers the facilities of a cafe and self-service restaurant. At Kellaria, there is also in operation, a ski lift for 4 per cubicle, and another three sets of three-seat chair lifts.

There is also the Athens ski club, which operates three teleskis as well as the facilities of a cafe and restaurant. Both ski centers operate ski schools and also have shops where you can purchase any ski equipment that you may require, such as ski clothes, and accessories. There is also a emergency medical unit, with trained staff to assist in any unfortunate accidents that may occur on the ski slopes.

The town of Arachova thrives with visitors during the winter season, and it is here that many ski travelers will stay, where you can find a great selection of rooms and accommodation. This beautiful mountainous town is a very impressive and traditional one.

You can take a walk up to the famous church of Agios Georgios ( Saint George ) and admire the stunning views stretching out over the valley. During the winter months the town of Arachova is one thriving with visitors from all over Greece, as well as abroad.

Parnassos has a wonderful selection of beautiful towns and villages that are well worth visiting. Each has its own unique charm and beauty, and together, they create this paradise in Central Greece. Whatever type of holiday you are looking for, and which ever time of the year you are planning on visiting, there will be something for everyone.