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Zappeion Gardens & Exhibition Hall

The Zappeion Gardens, which are located between the National Gardens and the Temple of Olympian Zeus is a very beautiful one, which surrounds the Zappeion Hall building.

Zappeion in Athens

This building, which was intended to be used as an exhibition hall, was built in the late 19th Century, by Theophilos von Hansen, and was funded by Evangelos Zappas, who was one of the first Greeks who envisaged the Olympic Games returning to Greece.

In 1896, when the Olympic Games were revived, the Zappeion mansion was used as the venue for the fencing event. In the interim Olympics of 1906, it was used as the first Olympic Village.

The Zappeion Mansion also holds other great historical significance for Greece's European ascension. It was here that the Greek European Community accession treaty was signed in 1979, and was also the headquarters of the Greek Presidency of the European Parliament in 1984, 1994 and 2003.

Today it is used as a conference centre. Several World Trade events take place here during the year, as well as other business conferences. During the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Zappeion Olympic Press Centre, situated in the grounds of the mansion will be used for both the Greek and International media.

When the National Gardens were being developed, the Zappeion Gardens were no more than a field of barley. However, over time, these gardens have been given the same attention and care as the other parts of the gardens, and fit in perfectly with the National Garden, as a place of beauty and peace. Looking across from the entrance to the Zappeion building, you should be able to see amongst the trees and plants, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which is a truly inspiring sight indeed.

Useful Information

Opening Hours:
The Garden is open daily. The exhibition hall hosts various conferences and exhibitions throughout the year

Entrance Fee / Prices:
No Admission Fee for the gardens

The Zappeion Gardens and the Zappeion Hall are located in the heart of Athens, next to the National Gardens and opposite the site of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.