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This small hill about 100 meters in height, located to the north point of the green area making up the south west area of the Acropolis, is very close to the Pnyx.

Night at the Hill of the Nymphs

The name of the hill is derived from an inscription that was dedicated to the nymphs, who were worshiped here in times of antiquity. Unlike the Gods of Mount Olympus, the Nymphs never lost their place in popular legend, and today they are still spoken about, in terms of fairies.

By the end of the 6th century B.C. the hill was used to by principal assembly of the democracy for their meetings, and by the end of the 4th century B.C. it was linked with the neighbouring Hill of the Muses.

Athens Hill of the Nymphs

The hill is crowned with an observatory, that was founded in 1843 by Sina, a Vienna-born baron. There is also a small garden area that is open to the public. One historic note about the “Hill of the Nymphs”, is that is was where the tomb of Kimon was found.

Though historically it is not as important as the Pynx, it is located close to it, and is worth visiting merely for the views it offers.

Map of the Hill of the Nymphs

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Visitor Information

Opening Hours:
The Hill of the Nympths is always open, though visiting during daylight is recommended.

Entrance Fee / Prices:
No Admission Fee

The Hill of the Nymphs is located to the South-West of the Acropolis, a short walking distance from Thisio.