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Filopappou Hill is located to the south west of the Acropolis, inside the huge green area that also contains the Pnyx and the Hill of the Nymphs. It is also know as the “Hill of the Muses” to whom it is dedicated. The area is a very pleasant one, offering some much needed shade and peace in the heart of Athens.

Philopappos Monument

There are several entrances to this area, including those at Arakinthou, Panetoliou and Mousseion Streets. Following the path at the entrance of Mousseion Street, you will pass by the picturesque 16th Century AD chapel of Agios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris. On the right side is a path that follows along the lines of the “Wall of Themistocles”, which was built in approximately 460 BC.

The Philopappos Monument

At the summit of the hill, which is 147 meters (480 ft), you are rewarded with a beautiful view towards the Acropolis in north. The summit is crowned with the “Filopappou Monument”, which was built by the Athenians in the 2nd Century AD, to honour the Roman consul and senator Gaius Julius Antiochus. He is depicted on the monument riding his chariot.

The name of the hill, Filopappou was the nickname that Gauis Julius was known by. The rough translation of Filopappou means “favourite grandson of his grandfather”. Gaius Julius' grandfather was in fact the last King of Kommagene, Antiochus IV.

There is also an infamous element to the Filopappou Hill. It was from here that the shell fired by the Persians when fighting the Turks, hit the Parthenon, which was subsequently storing the Turks gunpower, and blew off it's roof.

View of the Acropolis from Filopappou Hill

On the western side of the hill, you will come across the “Filopappou Theatre”, which is also known as the “Dora Stratou Theatre”. Dora Stratou was a famous Greek dancer, who preserved the traditional music, costumes and dances, and later founded the Dora Stratou dance company, which, during the summer perform here nightly.

Though the hill is worth visiting during the day time for the inspiring views towards the >Acropolis and the Parthenon, it is an area one should not venture to or plan to explore late at night. With little lighting and general darkness amongst the trees and undergrowth, there are often unsavory characters that hang around here, which are best avoided.

Map of Filopappou

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Visitor Information

Opening Hours:
Filopappou Hill is always open, though visiting during daylight is recommended.

Entrance Fee / Prices:
No Admission fee

Filopappou Hill is located to the South-West of the Acropolis, and has a number of entrances all around it.