Rolling Stones live in Athens in June 2014

Rolling Stones live in Athens in June 2014

Every summer there are a number of huge music concerts that take place with some of the world’s leading musicians and bands. The Rolling Stones are undoubtedly the biggest band in the world, and there are rumours that the Stones will play in Athens during their European Tour of 2014.

The Stones first played in Athens on the 17th April 1967 just a few days before the military junta took place that would take Greece into a dictatorship for the following 7 years.  It wasn’t  until 31 years later that the Stones would return again, when they played Athens at the Olympic Stadium on the 16th September 1998.

In June 2006 the Stones were set to play Athens as part of that years European Tour but the show in Athens was cancelled along with others when Keith Richards fell out of a tree whilst on holiday in Fiji.

Though there are no confirmed dates about the European tour of 2014, it is hoped by many that the Stones will once again include Athens and that those who missed out in 2006 can finally have the chance to experience the Stones live !

More details to follow ……

Author: Alex Dounavis

An avid traveller and keen writer about travel destinations in Greece and the Greek islands

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