Holidays in Skyros

Holidays in Skyros

The beautiful island of Skyros, part of the Sporades islands, is truly a magical place. It is a small island located between the island of Evia and the islands of the North Sporades.

Skyros GreeceSkyros has a lovely selection of beautiful towns and coastal resorts, and is the ideal destination for those who are seeking a holiday destination away from the crowds of some of the more commercial and touristic islands.

Skyros is a very traditional island, and one that has maintained its unique beauty and charm throughout the years. From the famous Skyrian Ponies, to the beautiful monasteries and churches, Skyros has much to offer visitors.

There are some wonderful beaches found all around the island, making it a perfect destination during the hot summer months.

Visitors to the island can easily venture off and explore the island and find an entire secluded beach to themselves.

Skyros has some very impressive and interesting musuems that are well worth visiting, and which offer a great insight into the historical and cultural importance of the island.

Skyros has an airport that caters for charter flights during the summer season, as well as a ferry connection with Kimi on the island of Evia.

How do I travel to Skyros ?

You can travel to the island of Skyros by sea or air. There is an airport in Skyros, located in the north of the island, which caters for domestic flights from Athens and other parts of Greece as well as international and charter flights from various destinations across Europe. For more information about flights to Skyros click the link.

You can also reach Skyros by ferry boat. There is a ferry connection between Skyros and the island of Evia from the port of Kyma on the east of Evia. You can reach Evia by car from Athens. The bridge crossing at Chalkida is only an hour away from Athens, so you can easily fly into the Athens airport and travel to the port of Kyma and take the ferry to Skyros. The island of Skyros also has connections with other islands in the Sporades. For more information about ferries to Skyros click the link.

Where can I stay in Skyros ?

You can find a great range of hotels and accommodation at all of the popular destinations on Skyros. You will be able to find hotels, rooms, studios and apartments. Some of the most popular locations in Skyros where you can stay include Magazia, Chora, Linaria and Molos. For more information about hotels in Skyros click the link.

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