Holidays in Corinthia

Holidays in Corinthia

The Peloponnese region of Greece is one of the most beautiful and unique, and connects with Mainland Greece via the county of Corinthia, situated in the north east of the Peloponnese.

Corinth CanalThe town of Corinth is often refered to as the “Gateway to the Peloponnese”, and is a very popular town with visitors heading to this beautiful part of Greece. The famous Corinth canal is always a popular place to visit.

Seperating the Peloponnese from Mainland Greece, the Corinth canal has become a symbol of the region, and one that nearly all visitors to the Peloponnese will visit.

Throughout the day, you can look down over the bridge of the canal, and marvel at this unique and historic achievement, as well as watch as the boats and small ferries sail through.

The nearby coastal resort of Loutraki is a very popular destination for visitors to Corinthia, as well as several other very charming towns and resorts scattered all over the county.

Another popular coastal town in the county of Corinthia is that of Xylokastro. Very peaceful and picturesque, Xylokastro offers an excellent destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday, with easy access to the sea, as well as other areas in Corinthia.

How do I travel to Corinthia ?

The county of Corinthia is located in the north east of the Peloponnese and connects to the mainland via the Corinth canal. The easiest way to travel to Corinthia is by road. From Athens, the journey to the city of Corinthos takes no more than 90 minutes. There is also a train service to the region from Athens. If you are travelling from overseas, you can fly into the capital of Athens, and from there make your way by road or train to the region.

Where can I stay in Corinthia ?

There are lots of great destinations and beautiful locations all around this lovely part of the Peloponnese such as Corinthos, Loutraki, Xylokastro and many others. You can find a range of accommodation in the region such as hotels, studios, apartments and rooms to let. You will be able to find something for your specific requirements as well as your personal budget. Find more information about hotels in Corinthia by clicking the link.

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Map of Corinthia


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