Holidays in Chios

Holidays in Chios

The stunning island of Chios ( Hios ) is one of the most popular and beautiful islands in the North East Aegean. It is the holiday destination for thousands of visitors each year.

Chios - North East Aegean islandsChios is an island that is very rich in history and culture. Many archaeologists believe that Chios is the homeland of Homer. History can be found all over the island, ans there are several museums that are well worth visiting during your holidays here.

The town of Chios combined perfectly the old traditional buildings with the green and colourful landscape that surrounds it. The island is rich in vegetation, and creates a very tranquil and relaxing setting for your vacations.

As well as the many wonderful towns and villages scattered all over the island, Chios is home to some wonderful beaches, where you can enjoy a swim or relaxation during the hot summer months.

The delightful region of Mesta is one place you must try to visit. It is the perfect place to explore the island, and appreciate the natural beauty and charm that make Chios a favourite with many travellers.

The coastal village of Vrontado is also a popular destination, especially during the Easter period, where visitors can enjoy a range of celebrations and festivities.

How do I travel to Chios ?

You can reach the North East Aegean of Chios by sea and air. There is an airport on the island that caters for domestic flights from various parts of Greece such as Athens, as well as international and charter flights that arrive here during the summer season from all over Europe. Find information about flights to Chios by clicking the link.

Most visitors to Chios arrive by ferry boat. There are frequent ferry connections between the island of Chios and the port of Piraeus in Athens as well as other islands in the North Aegean and the Dodecanese. There are also connections between Chios and the North of Greece with Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupoli all having ferry services to and from the island. Find more information about ferries to Chios by clicking the link.

Where can I stay in Chios ?

You will find an excellent selection of accommodation in the island of Chios. There are lots of beautiful destinations and resorts scattered all over the island, with the majority of them offering a great range of hotels, studios, apartments and rooms to let. Some of the most popular places on Chios include Karfas, Kambos, Volissos as well as the main town of Chios. Find more information about hotels in Chios by clicking the link.

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http://www.χίος.com/ - Greek language website for Chios

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