Holidays in Argolida

Holidays in Argolida

The charming county of Argolida ( Argolis ) is situated on the north-east side of the Peloponnese. It is a very picturesque and magical region, and one filled inspiring landscapes and vast natural beauty.

Argolida is historically one of the most important areas in the Peloponnese, and visitors will find a wide selection of ancient sites and ruins. There are also some very beautiful towns and resorts spread out around the coast of Argolida, which are ideal destinations for relaxing summer holidays by the sea.

The capital town of Argolida is that of Nafplion, which is viewed by many as one of the most beautiful and charming towns in all of Greece. The Venetian fortress of Palamidi pearched high above the city creates a unique setting, and one that both inspires and amazes.

There are many other wonderful towns and places to visit in Argolida, such as the beautiful coastal town of Tolo. With the picturesque bay, the setting here is ideal for your relaxing holidays and vacations.

Another town that is located in Argolida, and one with immense historical value is that of Argos, which was founded in 2000BC. Argos is actually the oldest continuously inhabited town in all of Europe.

Visitors to Argolida can visit some of the most famous ancient sites in Greece, such as the magnificent theatre of Epidaurus, and also Mycenae where many ancient relics were discovered, including the famous ‘Mask of Agamemnon’.

How do I travel to Argolida ?

The country of Argolida is located on the eastern side of the Peloponnese region of Greece, and is an extremely beautiful and unique part of the country. The easiest way to travel to Argolida is by road. From the city of Athens, you can drive to Argolida in about 2 hours. If you are staying one of the Argosaronic islands such as Spetses or Hydra, you could travel across by sea to Argolida. Spetses is located at the southern point of Argolida.

Where can I stay in Argolida ?

Depending on where your final destination in Argolida is, you should be able to find an excellent selection of comfortable accommodation in the county including hotels, studios, guesthouses, apartments and rooms to let. Some of the most popular locations in Argolida include Nafplion, Tolo and Porto Heli and in these destinations you will find a great choice of accommodation. Find information about hotels in Argolida by clicking the link.

5 Day weather forecast for Argolida / Nafplion


Map of Argolida


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