Holidays in Agistri

Holidays in Agistri

The island of Agistri  is a small island in the Argosaronic Gulf, situated very close to the neighbouring island of Aegina. Agistri, though small in size, is huge in terms of natural beauty and charm.

Agistri GreeceAgistri is a very green and colourful island, and one where you can enjoy some very relaxing and rewarding holidays. The two ports of Skala and Milos are the entry points to the island by ferry boat.

The main town and port of Agistri is that of Skala. Here you will find a very nice and lively town, with some beautiful sandy beaches, and a range of facilities such as tavernas, cafes and accommodation.

The island is one with great charm, and it is the perfect island to take a relaxing stroll along the coast. If you follow the main beach road from Skala, you will end up at Milos on the other side of the island.

Agistri is the perfect island to visit if you are seeking a place to unwind and relax, and escape the crowds of some of the more famous and busier islands. The island is one that has not been overdeveloped to cater for tourism, and this makes it very attractive to visitors.

If you are planning on visiting the beautiful islands of the Argo Saronic Gulf, then you should definately try to visit Agistri. It has a certain charm and magic about it, and one that will hold a special place in your hearts.

How do I travel to Agistri ?

The only way of reaching the island of Agistri is by sea. There are frequent ferry services to the island from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The island is right next door to Aegina island, and there are connections between the two islands.

The nearest airport to Agistri is the Athens International Airport, so you can take a flight to Athens and then travel across to the island of Agistri by one of the ferry services that depart frequently from Piraeus. Find more information about ferries to Agistri by clicking the link.

Where can I stay in Agistri ?

Agistri is a relatively small island compared to others, but visitors will find a lovely selection of accommodation. There are a number of hotels, studios, apartments and rooms available on the main destinations in the island. Skala and Agistri town are the two main locations and it is here that you will find the most accommodation. Find more information about hotels in Agistri by clicking the link.

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